Vast majority of Catholics disagree with church on birth control

The Catholic Church has been notoriously opposed to birth control since it was first invented, and the popular Pope Francis has sworn to continue this doctrine. Even the “rhythm method,” if you do it of your own free will, can be considered a mortal sin. But these days, most Catholics worldwide are not so much going along with that. Which should have been obvious to anyone who noticed that not every Catholic family these days has 19 kids. It does not take a NARAL Nancy Drew to figure out that if no one in your family has more than two kids, and your grandparents have over 10 siblings each, someone is probably using birth control.

According to a study conducted by Univision Television in the U.S., 78% of Catholics worldwide actually support the use of contraceptives, with that number going up to 86% in Europe and 91% in Latin America. The U.S. only made it to 79%, which is interesting, given than 98% of U.S. Catholics have used contraceptives at some point in their lives.


It’s hardly surprising that the clergy is opposed to birth control since they don’t have to use it. However, given that most Catholics do use birth control, it’s incredibly jerky of Bishops to be advocating against it for people who aren’t even members of their Church.

Granted–Catholic Church doctrine isn’t something agreed upon by consensus. If the Church were ever to overturn its stance on birth control, they’d have to do it the same way they decided there was no “limbo” area somewhere between heaven, purgatory and hell where they send all the babies who die before they get baptized. They’d have to decide that it was never really official Church doctrine to begin with, I would imagine.

The 12,000 Catholics polled were also asked their opinions on other issues like abortion, divorce, gay marriage, female priests and marriage for priests.


It appears that the vast majority of Catholics do believe abortion should be allowed in some cases. Abortion is one of the things that can get you a full-on latae sententiae excommunication. You don’t even get that for actual murder. To give you an idea of what that means, sin-wise, it’s the same level of sin as personally assaulting the Pope. Or throwing out a Communion wafer, which also seems like less of a big deal than assaulting the Pope, but what do I know? I never even went to CCD.52f9001b182470ca87000001

If any policies were to be changed in the Church, my money would be on divorce. Because seriously, how dumb does it look when it’s super obvious that people like Newt Gingrich are paying someone off to get their previous marriages “annulled” by the church and are still taking communion despite having had a divorce? From what I understand, if you get a divorce, you’re not allowed to take communion ever.



At the very least, women should be allowed on the pulpit for reasons other than cleaning it. Gah.


Wow! I’m actually quite proud of the U.S. on this one. We  beat Europe on something social justice related! Surprise! Generally speaking though, I’m not entirely surprised that many Catholics tend to be more liberal on many of these issues than the Church itself. If the Church wants to stop hemorrhaging followers, though, maybe a few of these things could at least be downgraded to venial sins rather than mortal ones.

However, one thing all the Catholics seem to agree on is that they loooooooove Pope Francis. But after all, he is the Pope.