Samuel L. Jackson chews out news anchor for confusing him with Lawrence Fishburne

On Monday morning entertainment reporter Sam Rubin of KTLA News in Los Angeles botched his live interview with “RoboCop” star Samuel L. Jackson. Rubin confused him for Lawrence Fishburne.

As it turns out, both Jackson and Fishburne were featured in commercials than ran during the Super Bowl. Fishburne’s, specifically made to air during the game, was for Kia. Jackson’s ad was for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” a spot which was not specifically made for the Super Bowl despite air time being booked for it.

Basically, Jackson thought Rubin didn’t have his black people list in order and gave him a reaming for it. Rubin apologized to the audience in a subsequent segment and admitted that he was too flabbergasted at the sight of a livid Jackson to even bother trying to clarify himself.

The whole thing makes for good YouTubery at least, and certainly isn’t the worst way to promote the February 12 release of “RoboCop”—even if it’s not the one with exploding penises [link NSFW].

h/t Guyism