Naked, bloody woman arrested after going on rampage because boyfriend refused sex

On Tuesday, Phoenix news station KTVK reported that a drunk, 24-year-old naked woman went ballistic after her boyfriend turned her down for sex, and was subsequently arrested for violent behavior and property damage.

Ashley Marie Prenovost (Facebook photo below) was found by police completely naked and covered in blood in her home on Monday evening. The woman was shouting at the top of her lungs after punching walls and smashing her hand into a glass picture frame. She also allegedly picked up her four-year-old daughter and had hit the toddler’s cabeza against a dresser.

Prenovost was intoxicated at the time of the incident, according to the police report.
Prenovost is facing charges related to child and adult abuse, aggressive assault on a minor, endangerment, assault with intent to injure, criminal damage and disorderly conduct. She was released on bail on Tuesday.

Her boyfriend was let off the hook for denying her sex. Basically, it’s a shitty Valentine’s week in Phoenix.

source: KTVK/photo: NYDN