Celebrity racist Paula Deen gets a $75 million dollar loan to make a comeback

Hey y’all! Remember Paula Deen? The cooking show lady who turned out to be a ridiculous racist, complete with epithets and “plantation” theme parties and such who kind of disappeared because everyone thought she was terrible? Who was dropped by the Food Network and Target and Walmart and her book publishing company?¬†She’s planning a comeback.

Deen has secured a $75 million dollar loan from private equity firm¬†Najafi Cos. with which to start rebuilding her empire back up–and it shall be called “Paula Deen Ventures.” The plan is to move away from a licensing model, where she sells her likeness to people in order for them to sell things, and more into owning and managing things herself.

The new company’s chief executive, Steven Nanula told the Wall Street Journal that they are definitely “in talks” with “TV networks, retail chains and other possible partners” though so far they have yet to secure any kind of major contract or deal. Which is not surprising, given that aligning your company with a noted celebrity racist is kind of a PR nightmare.

However, Jahm Najafi still feels like Deen is a good investment, citing her many followers on Facebook and attendees at her public appearances.

I’m sure that she does have some support. Likely from the kind of people who are planning on spending all of February complaining about how it is SO UNFAIR that there is no “White History Month,” which, sadly, there are many.

However, while there are an unfortunate amount of these people, I’m not sure they comprise a large enough segment of the population to really bolster a full-on comeback for Paula Deen. At least I hope not.

Generally speaking, people don’t really “come back” from saying gross racist shit. I mean, when was the last time Mel Gibson did anything? Or Michael Richards? The only exception I can think of is Eric Clapton, and that’s mainly because he said all his weird racist shit in the ’70s and most people kind of forgot about it.

Honestly, you have a better chance of making a comeback if you physically assault your girlfriend or wife (Hellooo Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen!) than you do if you go around being a weird racist.