Barbie-obsessed woman undergoes hypnosis to become ‘brainless’ like a plastic doll

Blondie Bennett, a 38-year-old grown-ass woman with stuffed animals on her bed, is obsessed with Barbie. Like many who have gone before her, she got a weird amount of plastic surgery to look like the plastic doll, because, I guess, that’s what she found attractive.

However, she is now going the extra mile in undergoing hypnotherapy in order to also become “brainless.” Which kind of makes me think this is like, more of a fetish thing for her, but taken to the nth degree.

Unsurprisingly, she also talks in Sexy Baby Voice. Because nothing is sexier than a baby, I guess.

She is pretty sure the hypnotherapy is working, and is proud to report that she forgot how to drive to her mother’s house. “I’ve had 20 sessions and I’m already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time,” she said. I looked it up, and there are actually tons of “bimbo hypnosis” videos on YouTube, so I guess she’s not really the first person to attempt this. I guess it takes all kinds.

I’m not really ready to be all “OH NO! ‘Tis the death knell of feminism!” over this shit. If this lady wants to do this, it’s her business, and I’m not too riled up over one person being dumb enough to get hypnotism to make them dumber. There are certainly more important things to worry about than some chick with a fetish and questionable taste in bedroom decor.