Boy hits cop in the arm with snowball, gets arrested and charged with felony battery

An 13-year-old wise-ass attending eighth grade in Chicago allegedly beaned a police officer in the arm with a snowball, and in return got a little lesson in disproportionate retaliation.

According to local news outlet KY3 the officer was sitting in his car with the window open when the boy hurled a snowball and landed a perfect bullseye, clearing it straight through the winter and hitting the cop in the arm. The incident happened near the boy’s school. The boy in question is maintaining his innocence, insisting that it was another boy in his group who hurled the snowball.

Regardless, he was arrested and hit with a felony battery charge for beating a police officer.

Police confirmed this is the boy’s first arrest. In addition to the his newly minted criminal record, the boy has also been suspended from school for five days. And, one imagines, grounded indefinitely.

Bum rap, kid.

H/t: Reddit