Man tries to pay at Applebee’s with 1 trillion dollar bill, fails

A man in Sumter, South Carolina was arrested on Valentine’s Day after attempting to settle up his lunch bill at Applebee’s with a $1 trillion dollar bill.

53-year-old Michael Williams initially gave his debit card to pay his lunch bill, but it was declined. He then casually offered up a $1 trillion dollar bill he’d evidently been carrying around for a rainy day. Having nowhere near enough change on hand for Williams’s T-note, they called the cops.

The craziest part? Once the cops got there Williams wasn’t even arrested for attempting to pass a trillion dollars in counterfeit U.S. currency, but rather for an old charge of being held in contempt of a magistrate court—the low-level court responsible for criminal offenses under $500 in damage.

Williams was seriously lacking in fucks to give that Valentine’s Day. His mugshot is below.


H/t: The State