Goonies Remake, After 25 Years

Twenty-five years after its release, The Goonies, which warmed the boyish hearts of many an ’80s kid, will be remade for a new generation. Warner Brothers struck a deal with Producer Neal H. Moritz (of The Fast and the Furious franchise) and original Director Richard Donner to bring The Goonies back to life.

It’s not often that a director will do the remake of his own film, especially after 25 years have passed, although it’s happened with Wes Craven (more or less), Alfred Hitchcock, and Howard Hawks, among others. Perhaps this fact will make long-standing Gooners rest a little easier, along with the knowledge that Chunk, Data, Mouth, Brandon, Mikey and Sloth will return to the screen (though I hear Data has died after testing a grappling hook designed from soda straws!). Of course, I just mentioned this to a fellow D+T writer who cringed and shouted, “Noooo!” so, maybe Gooners do care.

However, a recent online poll of more than 20,000 film fans showed that 53 percent wanted a remake of The Goonies, which beat out the remakes of Weird Science and Teen Wolf. Let’s hope that the original sense of magic and adventurism comes through this second time around, and that CGI and/or 3D doesn’t totally diminish the film’s original imagistic and imaginative qualities.