Phyllis Schlafly and some bearded dude to lead Ukraine-style uprising in the U.S.

Phyllis Schlafly, who famously made a career out of traveling around the country telling other women to stay home, made an appearance on the “Talk To Solomon Show” to discuss the possibilities of a Ukraine-style mass uprising right here in America, against President Obama and all the immigrants.

No offense, Stan Solomon, but the best part of your act is definitely the creepy silent guy standing behind you.

Transcript via Right Wing Watch:

“If we would have not 100,000 but 100 million march on Washington and say, ‘No way,’ I don’t think our military and the few pitiful police they have there wouldn’t be able to stop us,” Solomon said. “I don’t think our military would fire on the American people. And we need to clean that cesspool of Democrats and Republicans, of illegals certainly, and say it’s time to save America for America, basically.”

“Yes, I agree, America for Americans,” Schlafly responded.

It’s a super cute fantasy he has there. Him and Phyllis Schlafly and 100 million of their biggest fans shuffling up to the White House in their orthopedic shoes and starting a revolution and kicking out everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Except, you know, they don’t so much have the math on their side.

Given the fact that only 52 million people even bothered to go vote for Mitt Romney, they’re probably going to have a heck of a time finding 100 million willing to go overthrow the government with them. I mean, if there’s not enough support to oust President Obama legally, it’d be pretty tough to get enough people to do it violently and illegally.

Not to mention, only about 8% of the 300 million people in this country identify with the Tea Party–probably the only sorts that are going to support your uprising, and 62% of those people are over the age of 45, and probably not super into the idea of rolling down to DC to risk their lives trying to overthrow the government. When a cable station running a weekend-long Matlock marathon could throw a wrench in your revolution, your chances of a serious uprising aren’t so good.

Besides. It’s not even like this hasn’t been tried before. Remember that one dude who was going to demand to be allowed to citizen’s arrest Obama and only like, 12 people showed up to his sad little rally? There really is just not enough support for this, and you can say it would be “for the American people” all you like, buddy, the “American people” are pretty inclined to disagree with you.