NASA releases stunning new footage of North Korea at night

Chances are you may have seen satellite images of North Korea at night before. But Tuesday NASA released stunning clear new video footage from a satellite drive-over, along with a high-res image with landmarks identified.

It’s pretty scary to think about what goes on in that vast dark void—the prison camps, endless miles of non-producing farmland. Even in the speck of light that is Pyongyang there’s little internet contact with the outside world, and what contact there is is closely monitored.

Just this week it was announced Kim Jong Un’s wife is pregnant, the family hoping desperately for a son to continue the dictatorial lineage as Kim Jong inherited it from his father Kim Jong Il. It’s a trip to picture how many generations into the future North Korea will stay in this blackness, and how the rest of the world will change around it, demarcated in a billion tiny lights.

Watch below: