New map shows every state’s LEAST favorite band

You’ve already seen this map from Echo Nest’s Paul Lamere that compiled data to determine each state’s favorite music—or at least predilections particular to each state. Now we get a new map courtesy of Twitter account sir broosk that shows each state’s least favorite band.

Earlier this week, I wrote about visiting a gun range in Texas that had a real-life map with the states of New York and California blocked out with the words “Not America,” and I noted that 10 years after Barack Obama’s speech about there being no red states or blue states but only the United States his vision still seems like a dream deferred.

But it’s nice to know we are truly united in at least one thing.* …And then there’s Florida.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 7.32.05 AM

*Map is an obvious parody and based on no actual data, unlike Lamere’s map.

Image: @celebrityhottub