Chipotle goes nationwide with vegan tofu burrito

In its 20-year history, Chipotle has never introduced a totally new item (salad dressing doesn’t count). I’ve tried a number of Chipotle’s test-kitchen items over the years, like the tortilla soup they were serving in Denver back in 2009, but even the tastiest forays into diversification never made the nationwide-menu cut -before now.

Wednesday, after spending a year on select menus throughout the country to gauge public interest, Chipotle is officially adding the mother-effing delicious vegan and GMO-free Sofritas to their menu in all 44 states where Chipotle is available.

Sofritas, which initially began as a chorizo substitute, is the official title for the shredded organic tofu braised with roasted poblanos, chipotle chiles, and spices.

What’s more, Sofritas were designed with the omnivore in mind. According to chain’s culinary manager Nate Appleman, “We just fell in love with [Hodo Soy] itself and came up with something that I think even if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, you could eat it and love it,” he said. According to dude, a few weirdos have already been mixing the stuff with chicken. 

h/t: Fast Company