Access the Jurassic Park computer system straight from your browser

“Jurassic Park” has been having something of an internet moment lately. In the past month alone, we’ve seen the raptor cage for sale on eBay and a remix of Jeff Goldblum’s bizarre laugh. And now, Tully Robinson designed the GUI from the first film, available at your nearest web browser via

If none of this makes any sense, you should probably watch the video below, and have Samuel L. Jackson explain it to you:

After a few minutes with the program, you’ll find that, save for a few funny easter eggs, Dennis Nedry has locked pretty much every useful function. If you attempt to access anything more than two times, you’ll get the classic Nedry lockout screen, as he chides you for not saying the magic word. Then, I guess you could smoke a thousand cigarettes, and then go get eaten by velociraptors (the silent killers).

But about those easter eggs. If you’re too lazy to figure them out for yourself, feel free to type in any of the commands below:

display zebraGirl.jpg [note: slightly nsfw]
access main security [x3]
access main security please [x3]
system [+ security, fence, or feeding pavillion]

There might be more, but those were all we were able to find. And who knows, maybe more features will be added in the future, and we’ll be able to open and close the T-rex pen ourselves. Hold on to your butts.

h/t Gizmodo