North Korea puts Yorkshire Terriers on display at the zoo

North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong Un has given Pyongyang residents lucky enough to be able to get to the zoo a special treat in the form of an exotic new addition: Dogs!

Sky News reports the Central Zoo in Pyongyang recently put a few Yorkshire Terriers on display. They’re unfamiliar to North Koreans and seen as a novelty. Korea Central News Agency (KNCA) reports that the Yorkies are being taught to perform “several feats.” Which feats weren’t specified.

Lonely Planet has miserable reviews of the zoo, saying, “Worst off are the big cats, nearly all gifts of long-dead communist big wigs around the world – the wonderful lions, tigers and leopards are kept in woefully inadequate compounds, and many have lost the plot as a result. … The zoo’s two elephants and its hippo all look exceptionally lacklustre as well.”

Last year a zoo in China melted the internet when it passed off a Tibetan Mastiff as a lion. But in North Korea the bar is set pretty low; they don’t have to pass for anything—just staying alive and avoiding becoming lunch will be impressive enough.

The dogs in the North Korea Central Zoo, however, don’t have short hair like the one above. “Each one has long hair — tan on its head and legs and blue grey on its body.”

KCNA also noted that Yorkies live an average of 14 years—but given the nutritional supply available to humans in North Korea, making it that long would probably constitute a full-on miracle for one of these little guys.