Arnold Schwarzenegger cooks steak and egg sandwich on a tank

Arnold Schwarzenegger spent a recent afternoon with the schmucks at Epic Meal Time to whip up his favorite heart attack in between two slices of bread: The Steak & Egger.

And, since a regular grill is apparently for pussies, Schwarzenegger fried up the epicurean beast on a M47 Patton Tank, which he claims to own–not that I doubt the “Kindergarten Cop” star can afford it, but don’t you think the neighbors would be pissed if he parks that thing in the street?–but I digress. The Steak & Egger is replete with bacon, ostrich eggs, a hunk of red meat and some kind of bun that’ll plug you up ’til next Tuesday.

“The sandwich will be so meaty,” Schwarzenegger contends, “it will make weaker men cry.”

h/t reddit