Judge will release SFW Justin Bieber piss video

Next week, the baby gangster’s blurred-out penis will become part of Florida’s public record.

Where we last left the honorable Judge William Altfield of the Miami-Dade Court, the distinguished justice and state official of 24 years was left to determine whether the public would have access to viewing the penis attached to the person of Justin Bieber.

In other words, yes, Judge Altfield was forced to look at Bieber’s dick.

This mitigation on Altfield’s behalf is a step in the legal process that leads up to the hearing for Bieber’s January DUI arrest. On the night of arrest, Bieber allegedly pissed in his jail cell, a tell-tale if any that the defendant was drinking and driving. The 20-year-old’s attorneys have been pushing Altfield to not allow the jail footage of the pissing for the sake of privacy. But pundits (some below) believe that Bieber’s attorneys want to conceal the piss video because the pop singer’s dick is button-size. Otherwise, Twitter speculates, he’d love to bring attention to his anatomy.

But now, after Altfield’s ruling on Tuesday, the public will see a blurry version of that junior manhood. “He has lost his expectation of dignity, and that’s what’s most important here,” said Altfield, who met the Bieber legal team halfway–the videos are part of the case, but the state will “shade or blacken” the boy’s monkey with video editing software.

The footage will be released in the coming days, the Miami Herald reports.

source: Miami Herald