Call Nancy Drew! We need to solve the mystery of this Target model’s missing mons pubis!

“Thigh gap,” a concept originated on pro-anorexia websites but quickly adopted by a populace hungry for creative new ways for women’s bodies to fail them, has been all the rage for some time now. Even our moms are talking about it, prompting odd conversations in which they insist we explain to them why what they used to call “bow-legged” is a hot trend these days.

Unfortunately, the demand for wider and wider “thigh gaps” has increased so that even models, those whose entire job it is to provide us with impossible beauty standards that we will never live up to, cannot accommodate it. Which, of course, is where Photoshop comes in. Really, if you think about it, these brave artists are doing us all a favor, because can you just imagine what would happen to our retinas were we to gaze upon a pair of female thighs less than twelve inches apart from one another? We would surely die.

However, it seems that an intrepid Photoshopper working for Target’s website has gone a bridge too far in the war against touching thighs, and virtually eliminated theĀ entire pubic area of several models on the site.



Not to mention the additional body spikes to the model’s hips and armpits. Cappellini arms or not, these ladies are ready for battle!

Now, it is possible that whoever edited these pictures was just horrible at Photoshop, but perhaps he or she is onto something. I mean, let’s face it- if a woman starves herself enough, she may be able to look as skinny as these models and perhaps achieve the perfect thigh gap. However, without the help of I don’t know what kind of surgery–probably one involving the removal of bones–there is no woman on earth that can actually get a rectangular indent into her pubic area. I mean, if you make women insecure about a thing their bodies are not even sort of capable of doing, just think of the things you could sell them!

Target, however, is not quite ready for such a radical move as this and has since removed the bizarrely Photoshopped pictures from the site.