UK fire station lacking sprinklers burns down

The one place that is responsible to protecting to the Norfolk, England  populace from fire burned down because it lacked sprinklers. Go figure.

Fortunately no one was hurt, but it could cost well over £1.5m to replace the Downham Market fire station.

Deputy chief fire officer Roy Harold revealed an incredible penchant for understatement when he told BBC News “I think there is a fire safety message there for us. The building is relatively new, but it wasn’t sprinklered.” Hopefully, Harold sold this observation with some adorable, Hugh Grant-style flustered bumbling, cause, damn.

Actually, “relatively new” means that the station was built in 2006, so, that means it had 8 years to install the first line of defense against an actual fire. At a fire station.

Later on, the local criminal element might want to consider an “Assault on Precinct 13″-style take over of the local police station since it’s unlikely that the local police will be supplied with guns.