Eccentric rich guy wants to pay students to kill rats with beer

Eccentric philanthropist and future Bond villain Gareth Morgan has decided to protect the local flora and fauna of his native New Zealand by eradicating the rat population.  This might sound like a lofty goal, but he has enlisted the aid of the Victoria University’s Science Society by offering to pay students one beer for every rat they manage to trap and bring in, preferably dead.

On the students’ end, this is a great deal considering that college kids would gladly do things that are far less sanitary in exchange for a free drink.

This isn’t the first time Morgan has proposed a radical initiative in defense of New Zealand wildlife. He’s already spearheaded a much-derided campaign calling for the eradication of cats in order to preserve New Zealand’s bird population. He goes as far as to advise people to euthanize their cats because he believes that they are the only animal that kills for pleasure. It’s like this guy has never seen a YouTube video of an adorable kitten sneezing or something.

There’s no word on whether Morrissey has decided to protest the rat hunt by placing a moratorium on playing shows in New Zealand.


h/t Arbroath