Man who woke up inside a body bag dies, for real this time… so far…

The 78-year-old Mississippi man who made viral headlines when he woke up inside a body bag has died. Again. For real this time. At least so far…

Just weeks after waking up in a body bag at the morgue as coroners were preparing to embalm him, Walter Williams has died. Before “dying” the first time, Williams had been hospitalized for congestive heart failure. Holmes County Coroner Dexter Howard called it a “miracle” when he woke, and it’s now thought that the some combination of the medicines he was on temporarily suspended his vital signs.

This time around, no cause of death has been assessed yet. But I’m guessing they’re taking a wait-and-see approach.

Williams has had quite a rideā€”he’s a father to 11 and grandfather to 15, and one of the few humans in recorded history to cheat death by waking inside a body bag, only to succumb to the reaper just two weeks later.

May he rest in peace. For however long that might be.

Image: Shutterstock