Cloak: An app that helps you avoid people you hate

The mobile app market is currently over-saturated with dumb apps that all purport to “connect” us to each other, as if this is some mutually agreed upon, beneficial goal. But maybe you don’t want to connect with anyone. Finally, there’s an app for us introverted and antisocial jerks. Called Cloak, it’s designed to be an “antisocial network.”

The app digs through Instagram and Foursquare, charting where all of your “friends” are, and alerts you when you’re perhaps getting too close to, say, a coffee shop where one of them might be hanging out. Then you can go to a different coffee shop, continuing your sad and lonely day without interacting with anyone you don’t want to see. It’s like reverse social media, and it’s wonderful.

Whether it works is still up in the air. It seems to hinge on how many of your friends actually use other social media services, which means that if all of your friends are attempting to be incognito at the same time, none of you will be able to use the app. And obviously, there are still questions about how it’ll make money—connecting people is one of the main appeals to advertisers, after all.

Then again, things like “turning a profit” and “having a viable business model” aren’t really important factors in the startup world. And who knows, maybe they could just use their own app to avoid bill collectors.

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