Malaysia flight disappearance was predicted by lyrics to Pitbull song, claims internet

Twelve days into the search for Malaysian Air flight 370 we’ve pretty much exhausted every possible theory—conspiracy and otherwise—for where the plane might be. We’ve got Courtney Love weighing in on the location of the wreckage, and across the pond a UK tabloid put together this especially helpful theory:


Pretty soon we’ll be suggesting Flight 370 was abducted by aliens plum out of the sky. Oh wait.

So with no new news to latch onto, it’s high time for internet truthers to get bored with where the plane might be and start focusing on figuring out how this whole thing happened in the first place: If there was a conspiracy, who else knew? Is anyone involved still at large?

Luckily, the sleuths have cracked the case: It’s Pitbull. Yep, turns out the rapper who was once sent to a Walmart in Alaska when the internet decided to prank the retail giant’s online apparently managed to predict the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 in the lyrics to his 2012 song “Get It Started.”

Al Arabiya News notes:

Lines in the song include “Now it’s off to Malaysia,” and “two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.”

The reference to two passports relates to the stolen passports used by two Iranians to board the flight, the three cities refers to the capitals of China, Malaysia and Vietnam, while the two countries are Vietnam and Malaysia, some users claim.

Other correlating lyrics include “No Ali, no Frasier, but for now, off to Malaysia.” In the hit song, the lyrics refer to the former U.S. boxing champions, but, as YouTube users have pointed out, one of the two Iranian passengers was dubbed “Mr. Ali” by some news outlets.

Coincidence? Tcha!

Some YouTube commenters seem convinced there’s a connection, which should be more than Alex Jones needs to take this ball and run with it.

Top Image: Billboard