Courtney Love’s weirdest social media moments of 2014

Courtney Love and social media go together like tequila and whiskey, when you’re so drunk you think it’ll be totally fine to shoot one after the other. That is to say, that if you’re not following the icon of giving no fucks on every platform possible, you’re missing out on not just pure joy, but some really important life lessons.

In more recent months, Love is perhaps in the midst of redefining her relevance. From what appears to be the residence she’s taken up at Chateau Marmont, she posts photos of herself frequently holding court (pun intended) in various states, both coiffed and unkempt. It also seems as though she’s maybe hired a new team to focus her savant energies, as she’s begun a series of YouTube videos, just released new tour dates and is making guest appearances like on Fall Out Boy’s new single “Rat A Tat.”

Whatever she’s doing seems to be working, because Love took over the internet yesterday with a casual Facebook post that went viral. In said post, she claims to have found missing Malaysian flight 380 by using pedestrian public access satellite software. In homage to how fucking brilliant all of that is, and her either really tight or incredibly loose grip on reality, here is a list of a few of Love’s other fantastic social media moments this year.

1. Her Nod To St. Patrick’s Day

1. St. Patrick's Day

This demonstrates that CL has, does and will always not give a flying fuck, because she is the kind of person who gets a band of clovers tattooed on her ankle, and still likes it. She also doesn’t give a damn about the casual hairs framing her luck of the Irish. This also could be a meta interpretation of what St. Party’s day really is, a faded mess of green that’s always there but can never be restored to its former glory, proving that Courtney has one upped all of us.

2. Her Shopping Day

2. Shopping Day

I love this if only because I hope it’s Courtney taking the piss out of all of the famous twits on Instagram who post nonstop over-stylized lifestyle shots. It’s also very possible though that this is CL being all, “I’m fancy too, y’all,” with her most recent shopping spree crumpled on the floor by her foot, blurry and with a messy caption trying to list the designer names. Girl doesn’t even need a filter, she’s always got “drunk filter” on lock.

3. Her Dave Navarro slash Billy Morrison Sandwich

3. DN BM Sandwich

Court hangs out with these guys pretty frequently, and they always take excellent photos together. This one is just the best though, because despite the sexual vibe, her signature mess of hair, the drunk looks on all of their faces, and the very awkward position she’s in, she still decided, “This is great.”

4. Her Glam Squad

4. Glam Squad

Again, when it comes to Courtney Love versus other celebrity women everywhere, Courtney wins. We’ve all seen the photos celebutates post of themselves getting prepped by their hair and makeup teams to go do things we poors don’t get invited to. Most often they’re selfies, once the beautification process is near complete, everyone smiling and looking rich. But in this afterthought photo taken from behind, a poor woman tries to smooth out CL’s greasy, tangled mane while a gauged dude throws some paint on her. Also note casual lighter… No Fucks.

5. Her Instagram Videos In General

5. video clip

She’s been on this new tip lately, doing YouTube videos (we’ll get to that soon), but the best part is that for a promotional Instagram clip THIS is the still she chose. THIS is the best moment to lead with. It’s just brilliant. This clip is her saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever really used the term ‘motherfucker.’ I’d say, ‘fucker.’ There’s too many vowels. It’s too fussy.”

6. Her Valentines Day

6. Valentines Day

Bow down.

7. Her Oscars Night

7. Oscars

“Gods mad at the oscars. #zeus” is maybe the best caption ever written.


One of her two YouTube series is called #COURTNEYon where she does everything from an excellent Nancy Grace impression to this, calling out Joan Rivers for always using her for material. The best part is when she talks about sewing a ripped gown (from Galliano’s “homeless collection” no less) to wear to the Golden Globes, and then threatens to throttle Rivers “with my pinky” if she says anything. Whatever, Courtney wins.

9. #LoveOnLove

Her other YouTube series is #LoveOnLove where she does themed Google Hangouts with fans. This particular episode features Courtney rocking back and forth and ringing her hands in Bar Marmont, dolling out absolute gems. “You need to look up…Google dysfunctional relationship, and take the boxes…” There are boxes? She also makes it known though, “I’m not Dr. freaking Phil, that’s for sure.” She might be even better though, because she has some pretty deep stuff to say about Freud, Buddhism and fate.

10. Her As Glinda The Good Witch

10. Glinda

This is from last year, but it’s included because everyone needs a copy as a framed fucking poster.