News channel uses ‘Lost’ poster in Malaysia Flight 370 coverage

Local Omaha ABC news affiliate KETV went there—because someone had to—and finally used the poster from “Lost” in its coverage of the missing Malaysia Flight 370.

Absconding with any last shred of discretion or good taste, KETV tweeted the image to stoke conspiracy theories and invite readers to join in speculation about what might have happened to the missing plane:


With a dearth of actual updates on the tragedy and the 24-hour news cycle ever insatiable, this is what we’ve resorted to. CNN’s front page has been dominated all day by a piece of flotsam in the Pacific which it reports “could be something other than plane wreckage, such as shipping containers that fell off a passing vessel.” We won’t know until tomorrow. But this possible piece of sea trash will be headline news all day. On Fox News on Wednesday, aviation attorney Salvatore Lagonia un-ironically called the travesty “the greatest reality show in the world” as long as the search is ongoing.

The part of us that can’t imagine a disaster of this magnitude holds out hope for survivors—that the plane made a miraculous crash landing on terra firma and that the passengers are making due until their eventual rescue. But to start seeding this kind of fantasy in the news is crossing both a journalistic and ethical line. KETV has since deleted the tweet.

But seriously—do you think The Others could have hijacked the plane?

h/t: Deadspin