Honeymooner loses wedding ring in airplane toilet

Newlyweds Stephen and Natalie Marcotte of Nashua, New Hampshire, were on a JetBlue flight to Aruba recently when the groom accidentally lost his wedding ring in the airplane toilet.

“I just didn’t get used to wearing rings, and I felt like it was a little tight,” Stephen told WMUR-TV, “so I went to the restroom on the airplane, and I started messing with it … I was able to get it off successfully, but what I didn’t count on was it slipping out of my hands and going into the toilet.”

Then came the part where schmuck had to break the news to his wife. “I was very upset,” Natalie said.

But Natalie’s problems weren’t half of the JetBlue crew’s. Flight attendants “considered the bathroom a crime scene and sealed it off,” according to Stephen. “They attempted each of them on several occasions to retrieve the ring.”

Attendants shoved their hands inside the airplane toilet to look for the ring, despite a survey conducted in September, 2013 that showed only 27 percent of passengers believe in tipping airline staff. One of the pilots even mapped out the bathroom in order to see where the ring might have flushed. The answer isn’t pretty.

The crew could not retrieve the ring, but, after the honeymoon, Stephen purchased another. “This one’s never coming off,” he said.

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