Jamie xx unveils new track ‘Sleep Sound’

Wunderkind producer and member of The xx, Jamie Smith, aka Jamie xx, has got a new track for us today. “Sleep Sound” is the b-side for an upcoming single “Girl” due May 5 on Young Turks (home to kindred souls Koreless and Burial, among others, The xx included). While the track had previously circulated in leaks, bootlegs, and mixes, today we get a quality version in an officially sanctioned Young Turks video (below).

The track is a delight. Jamie xx does a ton of production work (and he’s perhaps best known outside The xx for his work with Gil Scott-Heron on “We’re Knew Here”), but not nearly enough solo-work, so it’s always a treat to hear what he’s got cooked up.

Where as his previous hit “Far Nearer” had some pacing problems, “Sleep Sound” feels to me much more tightly composed, never resting on the laurels of a good hook for too long or meandering too long on a thought. And of course the Beach Boys(-esque?) sample that comes in about 90 seconds in serves to make the track substantially more catchy and accessible (a page out of Bullion’s book perhaps). The end result is a highly re-playable track that makes me anxious to hear that a-side.

Listen to “Sleep Sound” below and look for the “Girl” single May 5th.

[h/t: Fader | Image: Vice Creators Project]