Darth Vader nominated to run for president in Ukraine by Internet Party

Transitional authorities in Kiev and acting president Alexander Turchninov are getting ready to hold a proper presidential election that will establish a new legitimate head for the Ukraine’s recently ousted government.

As the Sunday deadline for nominating candidates drew to a close the race got an 11th hour dark horse addition this weekend as Darth Vader submitted the paperwork required to run.

Mr. Vader was nominated by the Internet Party of Ukraine, notes Voice of Russia via Interfax. The Central Election Commission of Ukraine confirmed Darth Vader’s entry into the race. A complete application along with the required 2.5 million hryvni as a monetary deposit were submitted Saturday.

The addition of Darth Vader brings the field of candidates to 14, and the election is set for May 25.

Whoever is ultimately elected Ukraine’s next president will take on the challenge of confronting Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who clearly wants to reassemble the Soviet Empire and has been clear about his desire to retake eastern Ukraine, seeing anti-Russian Ukrainians there as a rebel uprising to be squashed.

And if there’s one candidate in this race who knows a thing or two about empires and rebel uprisings, it’s Darth Vader.