Professor teaches wrong course entire semester, students shocked when they do poorly

A professor at Lonestar College in Texas was supposed to teach an Introduction to Chemistry course, a requirement-level science class, to a bunch of undergrads.

Student Lauren Firmin is an over-achieving straight 4.0 student who took the class and was shocked to find herself quickly failing. “I was getting 40’s on every test,” Firmin told a local news outlet. “I studied as hard as I could, did everything in my power to try.” Still, right before the final she was scoring an F—the only class in which she wasn’t getting a perfect score.

Near the end of class, just before the final exam, professor Shirley Nguyen made a confession. She hadn’t been teaching Introduction to Chemistry, she’s been teaching General Chemistry. Which admittedly sounds similar but is totally not similar. At all.

KHOU reports that though multiple students say the teacher admitted teaching the wrong course in front of the classroom, the college is denying it. Spokesman John Powell said Nguyen had been teaching from the 1405 Intro to Chemistry textbook and not the General Chemistry syllabus. Asked directly whether she did it, the professor would only say “No comment.”

Nguyen’s solution was to give enough extra credit assignments to pull students’ grades from F’s up to B’s. But it still killed Lauren Firmin’s perfect grade point average. She appealed to the school to get her B expunged from the record, but the school turned her down.

While school administrators say she taught the correct class the science chair wrote KHOU, “This was not intentional on Ms. Nguyen’s part. She was new to the introductory level.” I guess that makes everyone.

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H/t: Gawker