Smoggy Chinese city acquires oxygen, Spaceballs-style

Tourism is down at¬†Laojun Mountain in the¬†Henan Province of China, so, taking a page from President Skroob’s playbook, area management imported bags of vacuum-sealed oxygen to residents of Zhengzhou–just 300 miles from the nature site and one of the nation’s most polluted cities.

According to Global Times, denizens of Zhengzhou lined up to the 20 slots for breaths of fresh air (photo below), which is supposed to doubly remind citizens of environmental awareness and that they could probably use a weekend hike on Loajun. Stay healthy, smoggy people.

“I felt my baby move right when I breathed in,” one eight-months-pregnant woman said. “I would love to walk in the mountain’s forests after my child is born.”

Loajun, you’ve found your poster girl.

source: Global Times