9-month-old baby arrested for attempted murder in Pakistan

Police in Lahore, Pakistan arrested and booked a 9-month-old baby boy for attempted murder of police officers.

In a dust-up with police that began as a protest over electricity shortage, a crowd began throwing rocks at cops—stoning them, police said, with intent to kill. Over 30 members of the crowd were arrested in connection with the incident and charged with attempted murder, including this 9-month-old boy.

The boy was booked, fingerprinted, and briefly jailed before his family bailed him out and a judge released him into the custody of his father.

After making bail the baby’s case was initially adjourned until April 12. But after the district’s Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif asked the inspector general of the police to clarify the charges against the baby, the assistant superintendent who filed the case said charges against him have been suspended.

The best thing about the baby’s arrest? Someone got video. Here’s footage of the hard-boiled little criminal mastermind getting fingerprinted, courtesy of KHOU.

Image: YouTube