People took selfies in front of man’s attempted suicide as LA freeway was shut down

The 105 freeway in LA was shut down for more than three hours Thursday evening when drivers called in a report of a jumper. Authorities negotiated with a man standing at an overpass, eventually convincing him not to jump. Traffic was blocked for three miles on the 105.

With traffic stopped on the highway, naturally it was time for a #selfie #op! LA’s smiling denizens got out and took pictures of the apocalyptically jammed freeway behind them. #Suicide #selfie.

For a single fleeting second, you could have seen the picture cycle through Selfeed, another moment in the lives of countless masses that very nearly intersected with the end of one. Whether the people in the road knew the reason for the stopped traffic is anyone’s guess.

KTLA even got a shot of the the #suicide #selfie in the making:

H/t: BuzzFeed