Male cop goes undercover as Amish woman to bust pervert

Back in January, Amish women and children in western Pennsylvania were in need of a hero, as an unidentified male continually exposed his private parts to the innocent community. And that hero was Chad Adams.

Adams, a police sergeant in Pulaski Township, pulled a Harrison Ford-“Witness” and went undercover as an Amish woman to find this practicing pervert. On Tuesday, he divulged his investigation via social media, as he believed to have pinpointed the suspect.

Adams uploaded a photo of himself in Amish regalia to Facebook.

“Sometimes being a police officer means going undercover and doing what you have to do to catch the bad guy,” Adams wrote with the accompanying photo below. “I figured if I put this out there, maybe it would deter him or others from even considering doing this in the future.”
Adams said the community, despite its conservative ways, were more than cooperative in helping him look like a nebbishe Amish woman.¬†“They didn’t want this man around here,” he said. “They didn’t want this to¬†continue.”

The suspect is currently under house arrest.

source: SF Gate/AP/top image via/mid image via