White supremacists dazzle neighborhood children with surprise racist Easter Eggs

The innocent children of  Oakdale, California, and Henrico, Virginia got more than they bargained for in their Easter Egg hunts this year–a heaping dose of paranoid racism. It appears that some sort of white supremacist group thought it would be neat to pepper some lawns with eggs that contained not delicious candy, but weird notes about how “Diversity=White Genocide,” and promoting some “Million White Man’s March” that already happened and only drew about 10 people.

ABC 8NEWS – WRIC | Richmond, Virginia News

The Southern Poverty Law Center has pointed out that this idea originated with Kyle Hunt, the dude in charge of this “White Man’s March” thing. He claims he is not “targeting children” of course, but, I suppose, adults who are really into Easter Egg hunts.

It’s hard to imagine what they thought the end result of this would be. Did they think that a bunch of elementary school children would be all like “Oh man! People of other races are totally a problem! I should go tell my parents about this so’s we can all go march with some weirdo Neo-Nazis!” I honestly don’t know. Was it just intimidation? Like “Hey, in case you were not aware, there are some crazy-ass racists in your town!” Perhaps they thought there were people who were not white supremacists simply because they had not given it enough thought.

I realize it’s rather futile to try and assign logic or reason to this kind of behavior, but I honestly can’t help it. I think most racists are basically angry little children who are furious about not being told they’re special enough or getting enough attention. They’re like the frothing primordial id of Jan Brady come to annoy us all.