A Japanese ‘Picture Scroll of a Fart Battle’ from the 1300s

Behold, the image you see before you is titled “Hegassen Emaki,” which translates from Japanese to English as “Picture Scroll of a Fart Battle.” The illustration, believed to be an 1846 reproduction of the 14th century original, is part of an exhibition hosted at Tokyo’s Waseda University, one of the finer institutions responsible for curating ancient fart battle artifacts of the Far East.

Stop laughing. This is serious. You’re viewing an actual piece from a series of drawings currently on display at a Tokyo university, leaving academics in awe of the great struggles and victories that have weaved into the fabric of a nation’s rich and wistful history and culture. There are more drawings below.

And thanks to RocketNews24 for finding this. We really need to learn more about how we, as a civilization, have evolved. And it doesn’t seem like we have much.

source: Rocketnews24