Rainbow Jackson eats money and shotguns beers with friends in ‘Anthony’

Echo Park’s neo-bar pop by way of a couple-too many The Get Up Kids-singalongs, Rainbow Jackson, are only about two months into their record cycle for the “Perpetual Summer EP” and as far as I can tell, it’s going pretty damn well. At least, if the video for “Anthony” is any indication they’re killing it. Low budget? Definitely. Low rent? Not a fuckin’ chance.

Frontman Chad Carlisle, guitarist Sam Dagger, bassist Laith Khalaf and drummer Andy Ford wrangled their friends for a slow-motion party sesh complete with all the essentials: balloons, Coors Light, silly string, and a DIY spirit to back up the fist-pumping bar anthem, which was written at quaalude-beats per minute and specially designed to make you yell every single word off key while spilling your beer into your own hair.

Photo by Shaughn Crawford