Man arrested for drinking his own urine in restaurant

A man and woman went to dinner at the Old Country Buffet in Kennewick, Washington, on Saturday night and decided to make perhaps the nation’s most depressing restaurant just a liiiiitle bit worse.

According to a report from Tri-City Herald, the couple approached to the for dinner as any customer would. But once they got there, the woman went back to their table and the fabulously-named suspect, Ryan A. Bravo, detoured to give restaurant-goers a little show. Standing near the couple’s table he unzipped his fly, pissed into a plastic cup (I really hope it was clear for effect) and drank it, slowly savoring the sweet sweet urine.

The 26-year-old Bravo then tried to walk all calm-like back to his car. It’s unclear whether he washed the pee down with any actual food. But some of the understandably-peeved patrons  complained and the restaurant called the cops, who caught up with Bravo in the parking lot as he was about to make his getaway. Bravo was arrested and booked into Benton County jail.

One of the stupider crime stories of the year so far, no question. But what else are you gonna do in Kennewick on a Saturday night?

H/t: SFGate | Image: Wikipedia