‘Zzyzx’ tops list of 10 strangest baby names

In an online poll conducted by eBabyNames.com, approximately 1,500 people voted on the “strangest baby names” and 20 percent chose “Zzyzx” (pronounced “Zay-Zix”) as the weirdest one. Apparently, it’s not something the site made up, and a grand total of five weirdo babies have been named that in the past 15 years. It is also the name of an unincorporated community and a road in California. There is also a genus of sand wasp called “Zzyzzx” but who knows if that has anything to do with anything.

The top strangest baby names, in order, via Daily Mail:

1. Zzyzx

2. Nimrod

3. Moo

4. Lucifer

5. Zamzam

6. Dzyre

7. Jealousy

8. Bush

9. Kyller

10. Mc

Not included was “Passion Marie Makowski,” although it should be, because one time I was in a store, and this lady yelled at her kid, going “Passion Marie Makowski! Get off the floor or you’ll get spiders in your hoo-ha!” and I waited until I left the store to laugh and then fell in the middle of the road and sprained my ankle. I doubt even “Zzyzx” has that kind of power.

Personally, I think “Nimrod” or “Moo” is weirder, because why would you name your child an insult? Like kids don’t have enough to deal with already.

I’m not necessarily opposed to uncommon names. I was always the only “Robyn” in school, which was pretty convenient for a variety of reasons, and also helpful to people who couldn’t pronounce my last name. However, it’s just always clear when someone is just trying way to hard to be special and unique, and that’s pretty annoying.