Watch the most awkward Tinder date ever

If you didn’t already know, Tinder is a dating app that allows users to spend one incredibly awkward night with another terrible person, to remind themselves that abject loneliness is actually not so bad.

And here’s part one of a webseries called “Local Attraction” by Connor Hines that parodies the app perfectly by showcasing quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable dates ever filmed. Each episode of the series will showcase a new first date.

In the first episode, a douchey finance bro named Trent (played pitch-perfect by Hines) goes out to dinner with a blogger, confidently unaware of how poorly it’s going. It’s filled with excellent one liners—at one point he tells his date about how he jogs to the “Jersey Strong” song, powered by human suffering.

Watch below, and—since Hines reached his Kickstarter goal—start anticipating the next episode.

h/t Jezebel