Coked-up trio busted for twerking in Beaverton

On Monday afternoon in Beaverton, Oregon, three women were arrested for twerking and drug possession.

According to UPI, police pulled over the suspects on the highway after receiving calls of a twerking incident that took place in the city hall building’s parking lot. Eyewitnesses reported one of the women took a piss in between two cars. The twerkers also exposed their genitalia to the authorities and filmed the entire scene. (We’re still searching for the video, take it easy.)

Two of the women had accompanied a third to the courthouse to settle a fine for a warrant. But after paying the fee, they caught a fever to twerk.

Police found cocaine and methamphetamine in their car and charged the women with disorderly conduct, offensive littering (the pissing, I guess) and possession of narcotics.

Mugshots, left to right: Brittany Medak, 20; Leokham Yothsombath, 22; Christie Valazquez Coura, 20.

h/t UPI