For those who hate ‘I F*cking Love Science’

We’ve all encountered an irritating “I Fucking Love Science” meme bouncing around Facebook from a smug friend at some point, often multiple times in a day. Approximately 13 million people have liked the page, and it’s getting its own TV show. And it’s the fucking worst.

I don’t have anything against science. It’s just that the memes—which typically feature photos of microbes, or a cool bug, or space dust with a pithy inspirational quote in Impact font—are incredibly shallow. They’re the Snapple bottle cap facts of the internet. They’re the opposite of the slow, contemplative, solitary, frustrating practice of actual science.

The memes seem to function not to further scientific knowledge or understanding, but instead as a social media badge that allows the person sharing it to associate themselves with intellectual rigor, without putting in the effort to understand anything in a meaningful way. It also rarely credits artists, and has an irritatingly brash “fucking” attitude you’d find on a t-shirt at Hot Topic. It’s borderline unbearable.

“I Fucking Love Science” is essentially the social media equivalent of carrying “War and Peace” with you on the subway, without ever reading it, or proudly proclaiming that you’re “such a nerd” because you play video games. The memes announce to the world: Look at me! I am smart! I like science!

There’s no better way to laugh at the triviality of “I Fucking Love Science” than by flipping through sarcastic parody memes from sites like Fake Science (see a few of their images below) and I Fucking Hate Science and “I Fucking Hate I Fucking Love Science.” Each meme aggressively hates science for the most ridiculous reasons. But ultimately, they’re no more ridiculous than the empty reasons provided by “I Fucking Love Science.”

If you truly fucking love science, stop fucking looking at stupid fucking memes, and go fucking love reading a fucking book about fucking science. Sure, you won’t get the fucking social capital from fucking sharing a fucking meme, and it won’t have some fucking cool take-no-prisoners fucking ‘tude, but that’s not what fucking science is fucking for. Fuck.

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Images: Fake Science, Main image: Imgur