Sad Kanye is the funniest meme you’ll be sick of in a week

Back in December of 2013, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian traveled to Mexico and went zip-lining. More than a year later, Reddit user TheBaconHasLanded found this photo of Mr. West looking super bummed out hanging up on the wall of a zipline company’s office in the “middle of Mexico” and obviously had to upload it immediately.

So now we have this amazing photo of Kanye West looking sad, aka, Sad Kanye, or Kanye Stressed.


Anyway, let’s all get this over with, and Photoshop him looking sad in every possible context and scenario. Let’s wring this photo for every small amusement it can possibly provide. And a week from now, the jokes will become so forced and annoying and ubiquitous that the very mention of the photo will cause severe nausea and depression. What a fun ride this will be.

Image: Reddit

Image: Mike Tunisen

Image: Reddit

Image: Liz Tan

h/t Reddit