Giant stuffed rabbit adorns hilltop in northern Italy

Anyone who happens to use Google Maps to explore the mountains of Northern Italy might be in for an adorable surprise. The Vienna art collective Gelitin constructed a 55-meter long stuffed pink bunny that is currently sprawled out atop a hill called Colletto Fava located in Tuscany.


“Hase” or hare appeared atop the hill in 2005, and the artists who created him expect that he will finally decay from exposure to the elements and being gnawed on from other animals sometime in 2025. Although, they gave the bunny a head start by having some of his stuffed entrails already splayed out next to him.

Hikers are encouraged to take a little rest and nap atop “Hase” if they so desire.

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Given the hare’s terrified expression and chalk outline posturing, he looks like he was dropped from the sky. We can’t help thinking that “Hase” reminds us of another stuffed, albeit fictional animal that fell from above.