Why are people mocking that Vox article about Solange attacking Jay Z?

On Monday morning, video footage surfaced of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z. A lot of people talked about it on social media. Vox wrote an article explaining the incident, and now people on social media are making fun of Vox for explaining why people are talking about the incident.

What is Vox/Who is Vox/What is a Vox?

Vox dot com is a website launched by journalist and human Ezra Klein in the month of April in the year 2014 AD. It is an “Explainer Site” that specializes in “Actually Journalism.” They attempt to use hard data to “explain the news” in an even-handed and colloquial tone, structuring their articles like FAQs, while also using Upworthy-style clickbait headlines and engaging in old school SEO bombing tactics by answering commonly Googled questions, in an attempt to compete with Wikipedia to appear as the first Google result for every topic.

Why are people making fun of it?

Vox has high-minded ambitions of becoming the go-to site for explaining complex issues to the Common Man. Some of the reasons people are laughing at their Solange explainer story is because it’s not a complex issue that needs explaining, that it’s trivial celebrity gossip and can’t really be considered “news,” and that the incident is shallow enough that explaining it in a “Patient Dad” voice reads like deft satire.

What are people saying about this article on Twitter?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging platform where people go to joke about things like baristas misspelling their names on their orders at popular chain coffee shops.

Whot is peoples?

It appears you’re having a stroke.

Gurgle! Spit!

Those aren’t questions!


It appears you have died. Dying is when you cease to exist. Nobody knows for sure what waits for us in the hereafter, though it’s likely similar to what you experienced before you were born. Just before dying, you might feel a moment of sinking regret that during your brief life you participated in discussions about celebrity gossip on social media, or mocked how an emerging new media website attempted to cover this gossip, or archly made fun of the website and discussions on a blog you work for, rather than running naked and free through a mossy redwood forest like some kind of ageless wood nymph, which is deeply tragic.