Teenager attacks security guard with bong

A teenager is now facing a felony charge after an alleged shoplifting incident at a Safeway in Seattle–where she bashed a security guard upside the head with a bong.

The Post-Intelligencer reported¬†18-year-old Nadeya Haile and her friend were identified by the guard during one afternoon in April, when Haile lifted a bottle of Crown Royal and headed out the door. In an attempt to stop Haile–who might be the same person running¬†the Twitter account with “iREALLY dont care what ppl think imma do me regardless && I say whats on my mind whenever.” in its profile–the guard tried to zap her with a Taser.

That didn’t quite work out. In retaliation, Haile grabbed a blue glass bong from her purse and smashed it against the guard’s noggin. Her friend then sprayed pepper spray in the rent-a-cop’s face. They both fled. YOLO. WIN.

Weeks later, Haile was detained after being identified on CCTV footage. She now faces a third-degree assault charge.

No charges have been pressed against her friend.

Post-Intelligencer, KRON4/image