Riot Fest promises full album performances ad nauseam

While it was a very cool idea for a while, it might be time for bands to step away from the whole “playing an album in full” thing that so many have done over the last few years. It’s not that the idea isn’t a good one, but the folks behind Riot Fest have managed to go well beyond the age old saying of “too much of a good thing is bad,” as ten (yes, TEN) bands are scheduled to do this at the festival in September.

Deciding to make their headlining sets overly predictable and have the festival as a whole border on hokey, “Slayer” (the remaining half of Slayer) (Reign In Blood), Jane’s Addiction (Nothing’s Shocking) and Weezer (Blue Album) will lead the charge of the ’10 Years, 10 Essential Albums’ selling point. While the idea is great when it’s one band, with this sort of excess, it blows well past gimmicky.

However, it must be noted that The Descendents will be playing their under appreciated masterpiece, Milo Goes To College, during the festival, and NOFX have promised a rendition of Punk In Drublic…and Glenn Danzig’s Samhain will perform Initium if anyone actually stomachs his non-Misfits work anymore.  While there a few other bands participating in the marketing scheme, the quality of the albums in question falls off quite quickly, and it brings into question if the festival simply asked every band to do it, and only ten agreed.

Seeing as this announcement pretty much ruins any anticipation of what the bands will play, the festival organizers have hinted that there is one more band to add to this list. Yet looking at the rest of their lineup and knowing that it has to fall into the “full album performance” category, just go through the remaining headliners and ask yourself if that’s really something you’re interested in seeing.

For those who want to drop $200 for an afternoon/evening of their old 5-disc CD player live, tickets are on sale for the September dates in Toronto, Chicago and Denver…but the Full Album Festival is only set to take place at the US shows.

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Image: Riot Fest

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