Update: Girl who made yearbook science joke will be allowed to participate in her graduation

Article reposted with permission from Business Insider

A girl in Georgia was nearly banned from her high school’s graduation because of a science joke she put in her yearbook’s quote section.

According to WSB-TV, this is the quote senior class vice president Paris Gray put next to her photo in the Mundy’s Mill High School yearbook, as seen above.

Why should that be a problem? Well, because when you look at what the elements translate to on the periodic table, it’s a vaguely naughty song lyric.

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Stopping a student from participating in graduation because of a periodic-table joke?

“I didn’t mean any harm or to offend anyone by what I said, I was simply trying to be clever,” Gray told Business Insider.

The school initially gave her an in-school suspension and kept her from participating in a senior walk, WSB-TV reported.

But then Gray met with the school district’s superintendent on Tuesday after the media caught on to the story, and she was told that her senior activities would be reinstated.

Before she was cleared, Gray’s classmates started a hashtag in her name: #LetParisWalk.

Some were trying to organize protests on her behalf:

Here’s the original story from WSB-TV:

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