You’ll never guess where goes [SFW]

Here’s a pretty solid practical joke, spotted by Daniel Stuckey, where the URL forwards to… well, I don’t want to ruin it, so maybe click it yourself first? It’s safe for work, I promise.

Not bad, right? For those who didn’t click, it forwards to the NSA’s website.

According to a Whois lookup, the domain was registered anonymously, and was last changed back in December 3, 2013. It seems likely that it’s the work of a member of Anonymous, based not only on the somewhat juvenile style of the joke (the collective did run an operation called “Titstorm,” after all), but also because one of the Anonymous Twitter accounts retweeted two tweets about it.

Although it’s kind of wrong to equate cock sucking—an objectively good and harmless activity enjoyed by many smart and productive members of society—with the NSA, an evil organization that illegally spies on people.

Still, well played Anonymous.

Daniel Stuckey