Band to watch: Dub Thompson

Dub Thompson is a project of guitarist Matt Pulos and and drummer Evan Laffer, two 19-year-olds from California with their own breed of psyched-out weirdo rock. Part krautrock, part punk, and part idiosyncratic unnameable aesthetic, Dub Thompson are an act worth paying attention to.

Last August the duo recorded a new LP, “9 Songs,” at the home of Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado. Of course, the album only has 8 songs, because why the hell not? In fact, “why the hell not?” seems to be a motto for the band, just check out their videos below.

“9 Songs” is due this Tuesday, June 10th, but why wait? You can stream the album in all it’s glory over at Hype Machine right now. I recommend you do. If you like Can, The Fall, or even Ariel Pink, you won’t regret checking these guys out. At the very least, check the videos below for a taste. “Dograces” is a krauty hip-rock jam with a massive drum freakout followed by cheesy synths at the end and “No Time” sounds like something from “Attack and Release” era Danger Mouse production—just a bit (or a lot) more tripped out. The last vid’s a live performance and interview to give you a feel for what the humans behind Dub Thompson’s addictively off-kilter sound are really like.

And if you likey, pre-order the album on CD or vinyl over at Dub Thompson’s website.

[Image: Dead Oceans]