Weezer drummer makes frisbee catch of the year…mid-song!

One of the biggest rules of going to a live concert is something along the lines of “don’t throw things at the band.” Granted, there are some situations where this is acceptable (punk shows, undergarments, if the band asks), but the general rule of thumb is don’t do it…especially if it’s a Frisbee.

But if you’re Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson, even a wayward ‘bee can’t put you off your game, as he showed during a performance in St. Augustine, Florida Friday night. For whatever reason, someone in the crowd let the disc fly towards the stage, and Wilson caught it mid-song, without missing a single beat.

Even if you’re not a fan of the band, this level of badassitude is rarely achieved, and Wilson deserves many high fives for his display of skills.

Watch the video of the moment below:

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Image: Paclink

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