Watch Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ gone orchestral

“Since tonight is ‘Orchestral Movements from the Hood Night,'” said Sir-Mix-A-Lot, standing on a stage surrounded by proper musicians from the Seattle Symphony, trying to keep it classy. “If a couple of ladies wanna’ get on the stage…I don’t touch!” OK, so he wasn’t keeping it classy—but at least he didn’t ask the older white women to “Put em’ on the glass.”

After selecting the most horizontally gifted women in the audience, and actually saying “Lord have mercy,” while examining the row of sophisticated derriers standing in front of him, Sir-Mix-A-Lot dropped the beat and it was on, like 1992, with older white women twerking their rumps. It threw the conductor off his game, who couldn’t manage to keep his eyes on the string section, instead, focusing on the gigantic ass section.

“Baby Got Back,” performed by the Seattle Symphony, transported the bougie crowd back to the days of ordering videos on “The Box,” a music-videos-on-demand network that once helped “Baby Got Back” go platinum.

It’s the greatest ode to gigantic ass, ever, and now it’s trending worldwide.